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My tattoo journey began as an Illustration graduate naively searching and hoping to translate my creative ideas into the (at the time unfamiliar and terrifying) world of tattooing. A patient and generous Ade Stacey gave me an apprenticeship in Brighton and I slowly began climbing the insurmountable task of tattooing in 2011.  Having worked predominantly in observational drawing with ink I began exploring the possibilities of translating the textures of this medium into tattooing.  As the years have flown by, so have hundreds of tattoos Рwhich each in turn have allowed me to build and develop a style I find naturally innovative and interesting.

I am now based at Nikole Lowe’s Good Times (it does what it says on the tin!) and attend annual conventions and occasional guest spots, whilst building my own collection of tattoos from inspirational artists.

When time allows, I like to create non tattoo related drawing/paintings from which I often sell limited sets of prints, enabling me to address recent technical developments and update you all with my current interests and ideas.

Thanks for looking!